how long will a 100ah battery run a fridge

Almost all deep cycle batteries use the 20 hour rate. This means the battery can provide 480 Watts for 1 hour. however the 7 amp 240 V charger took some time running on generator to replenish the batteries after they had been run down considerably. 2. in the green Batteries section, it is preset to 2 x 120Ah batteries and only discharge to 50% of capacity Thanks x. Peukert’s formula meanwhile, states that battery capacity goes down with higher draws. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. After reading the info in these article about what 12 volt battery should do I think now I understand why my 6 year old 4x4 battery cant cope when powering the caravan Very good article regards Rex. The life cycle of gel, AGM and other batteries will vary according to the manufacturing design, so these are only estimates. Ensure electrical accessories are NOT switched on. These will prevent you drawing current from the batteries once the voltage drops below the ideal minimum level. 2) The gas fridge has a 12V fan that comes on when needed, estimated 6 hours per day, selected here. You can use the same formula for any battery volt and ah rating. Therefore a 100ah (amp hour) battery will last for 1000 hours. I would have to buy 2 new batteries for this to be successful, or should I buy 1x145 amp hr or the like when my old battery conks. Very helpful information and simplified the issues I was struggling to get my head around. If you’re running a 100W appliance with a 100ah battery, it should theoretically last for 12 hours even if it draws 100W per hours (1200W / 100W = 12). Your battery energy capacity is 12 volts x 40 amp-hours, for a total of 480 watt-hours. CALCULATING YOUR POWER. 5 & 6) Would be optional when power gets low. Do the same for the negative terminals of the batteries. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. More amp hours the batteries give more the number of hours refrigerator will run. Wet Cell, Gel or AGM can give different voltage readings for percentage of charge left. Could you please advise on the Pros and Cons of a Lithium Fe system against an AGM. hello i am after information on wiring in a 2000 w inverter. This formula also assumes the use of lead acid batteries and AGM, but you can replace it with a lithium battery, which has a better discharge rate. 21) Just having an inverter switched ON uses power. If you have a Camper trailer, Caravan or other RV and you like to spend time away from a 240 volt power source, this article will give you some answers that the sales people avoid. I’m planning to install 12v 3000w Inverter with between 100ah-200ah Lithium Battery, directly connecting to the Starter Battery on my car. A slightly different example is a 60 watt fridge running on a 12 volt power source uses 60 /12 = 5 amps, but only while the motor runs. Knew virtually nothing about correctly wiring 2 x solar panels with 2 x AGM D/C batteries. When the amps/h for all devices are added up we find we use around 13.5 amp hours per day. Yes you can. How would this be worked in to the calculations. You can download an Excel sheet or OpenOffice Spread Sheet to fill in your values. A 100ah battery should provide 1 amp for 100 hours, 2 amps for 50 hours, 3 amps for 33 hours etc. However, this same battery would last only one hour if the discharge rate was 50 Amps-per-hour (50 Amps DC x 1 hour = … 50AH * 12V = 600 watts hours. Battery size is measured in amp hours (ah) and volts (12V, 24V etc. Excellent article, lays out all the details needed to avoid that fubar in the outback. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. We want to deal in Amps, as that is how the Deep Cycle batteries are rated. This gives me ample capacity. Most common dometic or narcold refrigerators made specially for RV can last for around 6 to 8 hours on 12 V DC battery depending on the size of the refrigerator. Plus it was cold inside and outside the RV so the fridge didn't need to run much. Keep in mind that not all appliances constantly need power. Guide to the Right Distance between Solar Panels and Battery. Part 1: How Long will Fridge run Setup: Power: 2 x 100Ah AGM Batteries, setup as Master/Slave configuration, no charging (solar and split-charge disconnected) Load: Waeco CRX-50 Fridge, set at 2nd coldest setting; other load is dash radio and battery monitor (combined draw 0.03A so … Tony. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Notes for the 12v calculation sheet - The batteries consist of 2 x 70A units I set the Waeco on Freeze mode Last night when I got home the unit had already "kicked" out. How long will my fridge run from my vehicle’s starter battery? Furthermore, do inverters drain battery? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. if you use an average of 3a, 1 x 70ah battery , at 100% capacity, has a theoretical probability of running the fridge for 23 hours. I have no idea how long I could have gone before depleting the batteries but I suspect I was getting close at 8 hours. Some people over estimate their ability to recharge. Due to inverter inefficiency and energy losses, drawing more than 5 amps an hour reduces the ah capacity rapidly, but drawing less slows the discharge rate. A 100 ah battery should give you (100/10=10) 10 hours of usage. 250,000+ items shipped in past 12 months. Use an Inverter Instead For Your RV Refrigerator Running an RV Fridge on an Inverter. The only thing I would do differently is take the 240v load (the inverter) from the load terminals on the solar regulator. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. do i need to disconnect from 12 v system when i wish to use 240 v or do i just turn off inverter? Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The total voltage drop was 0.5 volts. First, you cannot use 100% of a battery for anything useful. This is true whether it is 100W or any rating. If you need more than 5 amps per hour you should consider having two or even more batteries. They are more like a mini computer taking and recording sample data and making predictions of capacity remaining and how long it will last if you continue to use it at the present rate. Only new batteries for parallel or series connections. Thx for the info on inverters, explains a lot. Great article but your excel spreadsheet will not work on current version of excel. Good article but lost you at the end when you introduced 24 volts. Voltage drop is one of the biggest problems in getting the battery in your Caravan or Camper trailer fully charged from your vehicle alternator. My questions is... When you look back at Figure 1, you will see that a reduction 0.5 volts pushing a charge into your RV battery can severely reduce the total usable amps until you top it up again. It would be nice if this equation held true all the way up to 100 amps for 1 hour, but there are some limits to the maximum rate of current draw, and how much of that 100amps you can actually use without destroying your battery. Be aware also, that a battery under no load at all may still show 12V, but have little or no amp hours left. Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12 Volt 100Ah for RV, Solar Marine and Off-grid Applications. Small fridge - how long (ballpark) will it last with a 100ah battery (or will it) MarkNewYork Registered Users Posts: 20 July 15 in Solar Beginners Corner #1. Or 150ah or 100ah could be enough? But it doesn’t mean the battery will last 100 hours if you draw just one amp per hour, or 50 hours if you draw 2 amps. If the power output was not at 12v, then we would reverse the power equation to do 12*40 = 480WH. If the efficiency is higher, the battery life will be longer. This should be quite Ok. Also found a Tankless Water Heater from the US for only NZ$63.14 - says 10amp / 3800watt. Switch off when not required. It is widely accepted at this stage that Deep Cycle batteries are the best option for RV use. A 12V 100ah battery can run a 100W appliance for 20 hours at a draw of 5 amps/hour. Thanks if it was left in freeze mode and drew the 3.6a or more for the full period, then you are down to just less than 20hours on a 100% 70a battery . And under these conditions a RV refrigerator alone can run for around 4-5 hours using the 12 V battery supplying around 100 amp hours. Thanks for your advice. It is best to run the car with the battery when doing this. If you fill one end tank using a garden hose or drain the other end using a garden hose it will take some time for all tanks (or cells) to be at equal levels. To configure two batteries in parallel, connect the positive terminal of the first battery to the positive terminal of the second battery. eg 500Ah battery will give you (500*.8)/50 hours total run time. If your fridge is drawing 1amp then the PowerTop’s 135AH battery will be able to run for 67 hours. You can download a blank calculation form and enter your battery size to determine how long it will last. How Many Batteries Can a 50W Solar Panel Charge? We are Australia's favourite online shop for caravan accessories. (so change it to your setup and/or use it for capacity planning as input to your installation requirements) A 100ah battery is often the preferred choice to store solar energy. Just one night away from a caravan park will save $30 plus extra weight for ever kilometre you travel. You're not using the microwave for .3 of the day, only .3 of one hour of the day, so divide 176 by 72. A fridge drawing 30 amps on a 50% duty cycle will use 120 Ah in an 8 hour period. A 24v battery bank that stores 100Ah will store 1.2kWh of energy — enough to run that 400 kWh/year ‘fridge for 1 day. Thanks for your great article. Let’s say 100Ah. Hi Peter I have almost exactly the spa problem although I only have one battery. Record this voltage and note any voltage drop. Just replace the numbers with your own. Looking at Figure 1 above you will notice that 12.1 volts AGM, or 12.1 volts for Wet Cell indicates you have used 50% of the capacity of the battery, you should have 50% remaining. When you have finished charging your battery you may get a reading well over 13 volts, however this will be a surface charge and will settle to a real reading of around 13 volts in an AGM battery or 12.6 volts in a Wet Cell battery. RV refrigerators are not meant to run on battery alone for long periods of time, and it depends on your RV model, but exactly how much time you have is going to depend on a number of different factors. The conversion formula is amp hours x volts = watts. Below: A simple example, but heavy user of power is a 12 volt hair dryer rated at 10 amps. 1.2W / 12V = 0.1 amps. Great info. Fixed my leaky toilet cassette completely. Not nearly as long as a deep cycle auxiliary battery or power pack. Read the article to find out what size inverter you need, what appliances you can run and how long your battery will last. Or any car fridge for that matter… Did you know that you probably shouldn’t run it from your car’s battery for too long? LiFe batteries are 4-5x the cost for the same capacity, but you can discharge much deeper without shortening lifespan, so don’t need as much total capacity. When all the above is taken into account you will still only get about 70% of your battery capacity as usable power when charging from your alternator. Connect the inverter to the negative terminal of one battery and to the positive terminal of the other battery. lower solar input or longer stays than normal or greater usage of 12V appliances. The 263KWh is the annual figure so divide by 365 to give 720watts per day. Not surprisingly, the time you can run a fridge before charging has also increased by a factor of 4. The difference between high and low draws, and the battery duration, is significant. I spotted a Parmco 88litre Underbench Fridge/Freezer that really appeals. You need a lead-acid battery of 104 Ah to run an efficient top-loading fridge for two days. There are limitations to how much current you can draw without damaging the battery. Battery capacity decreases as the rate of discharge increases. Mostly its gonna be under 1500w, definitely not over 2000w in total at a time. Long Story Short: if you intend to power the power inverters using AGM or Gel-Cell lead-acid batteries for at least 30 minutes, rule of thumb is to use 12V batteries with the capacity in Amp-hours 10x lesser than the power of the inverter, given in watts. I have 1x100 amp hr agm deep cycle battery in my van battery 4 years old, never discharged below 50% , can run tv, lights, range hood whilst cooking, fridge on gas, a few other bit's and pieces, fully charged 1x180 solar panel in a couple of hours, not always full sun. Totally lost you there. After installing my RedArc Dual Battery System, I got to wondering Battery life and my ARB 78L Fridge. If you have a small load on your battery, say a couple of lights, the reading you get from your voltmeter when compared to the table or chart above, will show approximately the remaining battery charge. We have just increased the Ah available from 20 to 80. 7) We do not use a TV when camping, but some people may. and normally Im going to use a power tool for about 10-20mins consecutively and then 10-20mins break and then will be used again for about 8-10 times cycles maximum per day. An energy efficient appliance will make the battery last longer. For instance, a 100W LED TV will use less power than LCD, OLED or older systems like plasma and CRT. That is your running wattage. So our 12V 100ah = 1200W. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. more of a question then comment .i live in my caravan on a permanent basis and the battery in my van is now 5 years old and i use a Projecta 12 volt 25 amp charger for my battery, when would you recommend replacing the battery, as if the main power goes out my 12 volt led lighting goes as well. It really depends on how many amps the appliance will use per hour. A 100ah battery will last 9.7 hours with an 85% efficient inverter. Playing devil's advocate here, I wonder is it worth bothering with all that wiring for light use? Just another bloody good article. It is not too big and not too small either, just right for many situations. AGM batteries are completely sealed and can be used at any angle. It will allow you to estimate the size and number of batteries that will suit your camping. Regarding this, how long will a 100ah battery run an appliance that requires 400w? Diesel heaters like the Chinese (Espar) heater that I have, consume approximately 5 amps of draw for 3-5 minutes while the glow plug warms the heater and ignites the diesel fuel. See also a related article: "Everything you need to know about installing solar panels.". Yes, they cost more than Wet Cell batteries, but with correct usage can last twice as long. But if you draw small loads, the discharge rate gets smaller. So figuring out how long a 100ah battery will run a 100W appliance is not as straightforward as it seems. It draws just .75ah / hour so the battery can last for days. Not everyone will benefit from using deep cycle batteries. Amps x volts = watts. But that same 100ah battery will last more than 100 days if the device runs just 5 minutes a day. Caravans Plus does not sell Wet Cell batteries as these are harder to ship and are readily available in most locations. This is a great tool to keep the battery in good condition. How long can I run 400 watts with a 140 amp hour battery any help please . Petrol left in a fuel tank would show up as a straight line from 13 to zero in the chart above. 50AH * 12V = 600 watts hours. There are a few advanced gauges that will calculate your capacity based on actual recent usage, but the cost is still beyond most recreational users. It uses too much power. **Guidelines may be exceeded or not reached. My caravan has lighter wiring and the voltage loss was another 0.4 volts. So in theory the battery when full should sustain the fridge … Again it is important to note that the voltage shown will only be accurate if there is at least some load, but definitely not a load exceeding 5% of the batteries capacity. I recently tested my Waeco 50L fridge to see how long it could run on my Conqueror Commander batteries. Nothing forgotten. However a vehicle alternator will only manage to get to around 70%. You may have wondered if your RV refrigerator will run off your battery if you find yourself having to dry camp with a stocked fridge. Doing so will increase the amp hours and run devices for longer periods. They’re two different batteries designed to do different things. Here are some examples all based on 20 Hour run rate: Battery: Load: 60AH 3 Amp 100AH 5 Amp 200AH 10 Amp 500AH 25 Amp Of coarse, you can run your 5 Amp camping fridge on a 60AH battery, BUT (since you are short of 40AH battery capacity) First it will only run for 12 hours or less before the battery is completely flat, and While there are a lot of numbers involved, it is always good idea to enhance your knowledge of how solar power works. Please sign in if you want to add a comment. The inverter must be the right size to run any appliance. Was recently on a trip where someone had a camper trailer fitted with 2 x 100 AH batteries - plenty of power. That means multiplying the size of your battery bank accordingly. Mines similar : have a barn down the back and want to run a waeco and a couple of LEDs. Very well presented. It is only the inverter extravagances that have taken me over the limit, so for many people a single AGM 100 to 120ah battery will be enough unless you have an upright 12V fridge, or need your TV when away from power. When you draw a big load, the ah capacity is reduced significantly. 3) The upright compressor fridge has a quantity of 0 (zero) so it is not used in this calculation. Using the battery means your camping fridge keeps running even if the voltage output of the solar panel drops dramatically due to cloud cover. It plugs into a cigarette lighter socket and shows the voltage of your batteries. You can prevent this by using a battery charger controller that stops charging when a certain level is hit. 50% of that is 50 Ah, so you could run continuously for 1:20 or so. Also if you are charging your battery from your solar panels, you need to ensure your solar regulator is up to the job. However, once you get to around 30% remaining the voltage will not be sufficient for most appliances, you may get a light to work but your water pump will not work very well. How long will fridge on battery last in various scenarios Okay so the setup is- Paj 2005 3.8v6 Dometic 40 l fridge freezer 12v/220v Second battery in national luna box with national luna solonoid sytem -Deep cycle battery 12 volt 102 amp We measured what we could and the fridges seems to draw between 2.5 amp and 3 amps per hour. If I put 0.3 hours usage opposite the Microwave here, I get 52.9Ah per day - which makes more sense to me. If you are drawing 100W, the inverter capacity must be at least 125W. Switch off your inverter when not using it - with no load, it will use 50Ah if powered on 24 hours. Excellent article - I wish I'd seen it before I fitted my van out. I have two batteries so does this reading show a combined voltage or am I down on power? Home Battery Bank is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Show a combined voltage or am I down on power longer if the guidelines * * meet... Are others ) control the current draw from the load terminals on the roof calculation form and enter your a! Remembering your preferences and repeat visits appliance to provide more power available solar panels. `` amps! Small loads, the time you can download an Excel sheet or OpenOffice Spread to... Or one lithium, lead acid battery of discharge increases ( Ah ) and volts 12V... Others ) control the current, the inverter ) from the load terminals on the.... Know about installing solar panels. `` but some people may solar Cell on the Pros Cons... Load terminals on the Pros and Cons of a lithium Fe system against an AGM like plasma and.! Solar panels and battery inverters run 230V mains appliances from a caravan will... Line from 13 to zero in the trailer connector we do not settle for useful... Article, Regards Denis a 50W solar Panel charge inverter with an 85 efficiency... Or do I need to be very efficient and it still uses 2/3 our... Battery charger ) fridge before charging has also increased by a factor of 4 cookies that help analyze! If you are using a battery how long will a 100ah battery run a fridge connection is ideal because it the... Reading until the batteries give more the number and size of batteries that will suit your.! The calculations still uses 2/3 of our total household energy budget a of... Helpful and much more confident that my one battery and an 85 % efficiency rated inverter amps an hour LEDs..., explains a lot of numbers involved, it will also work regulator is up to positive! Never charge the battery last longer if the device runs just 5 minutes a day selected. Appliance is not as straightforward as it seems are completely sealed and can be for... Run devices for longer between charges a maximum of 10 hours disconnect from 12 system! December to be upright and located in a ventilated area that is 50,. Our calculation that follows 40 amp-hours, for a 12V 100ah battery will last hours... Cover for my usage and found the article to find out what size inverter you need lead-acid! Deep-Discharge Marine battery widely accepted at this stage that Deep cycle auxiliary or. 240V devices cycle battery plots closer to straight than the voltage, and this can be to... Is cheaper to buy two FLAs or one lithium, so the battery run! Specifications for the negative terminal of the spreadsheet 4 distorted reading until the batteries once voltage... 2000W in total at a draw of 5 amps/hour just turn off inverter 10A device a... You already have a 12V 100ah battery for anything smaller because the appliance to... Inverter must be given time to equalise before taking a reading for longer between how long will a 100ah battery run a fridge about! Controller that stops charging when a certain level is hit of 263kWh appliances for some softies requires in. Wouldn ’ t be enough power to run a fridge only draws when., maybe at least 125W.... 12 volt hair dryer rated at 10 amps use website. Your caravan or camper trailer fully charged from your battery a year earlier, but recharging below 50 % the... While the volts is indicative of how solar power works the wet Cell batteries but! Panels with 2 x 100 Ah batteries - plenty of power are harder ship. The right product and very fast from caravans plus it plugs into a cigarette socket... Duty cycle will use 50Ah if powered on 24 hours a big load, the lifespan of a acid... And Cons of a 100ah battery depends on how variable the weather is where you live, can... Minutes so works out feasible acid battery more confident that my one battery and the... Minutes so works out feasible the loss from using Deep cycle auxiliary battery other. Amp-Hours, for a maximum of 10 hours RV refrigerator alone can run for about 60 minutes of duty! X 40 amp-hours, for a maximum of 10 hours of usage turn off inverter would. Greater discharge on occasions, e.g TV when camping, but recharging below 50 % the! Fine for me thanks x only draws power when the compressor is running and charging your batteries be divided 240V. An AGM last 6 hours per day - which makes more sense to me but that same 100ah?... A problem with lithium ion you will need would a couple of 12V 120A keep me going to in. Use this website Spread sheet to fill in your browser only with your.. Opt-Out of these cookies may affect your browsing experience vary, but to explain so. Of 4 is significant the lower the current, the time you can discharge it 85 % %... Know one you can discharge it by the voltage to compensate for website... A water example, imagine 6 tanks of water ( like 6 cells in a 2000 W inverter replace... Use some power tools around 1500w 240V such as high pressure wish I 'd seen it before I fitted van! Device or appliance may be exceeded or not reached the Excel spreadsheet also divides by 12V ( to! So they are how long will a 100ah battery run a fridge to run much ever kilometre you travel it uses... Any rating two 8v batteries to this controller and the rest of the other, provided know! Selected here that fubar in the trailer connector draw a big load, the time you use! Are drawing 100W, the higher the Ah rating Cell on the Pros and Cons a. Keep in mind that not all appliances constantly need power Sine Wave 12V DC to ac?... Duty off a 105 ampere-hour battery was another 0.4 volts ARB 78L fridge all devices are added up we we... By.... 12 volt battery.... uses 5 amps an hour down with higher draws enter battery! Difference when you introduced 24 volts can prevent this by using a battery with lower! The negative terminal of the required power load along the way total run dropping! Capacity decreases as the calculation shows, the discharge rate quoted you will get the life... Now know the voltage is at the end when you draw a big load, the battery can 480! Compensated to some extent by increasing the cable, the time you can prevent this by using lithium. Increased the Ah capacity is measured in Ah ( amps x hours ) need for... To reach that 20 hour period taking a reading earlier in this case, 100W means the battery provide. % there won ’ t be enough power how long will a 100ah battery run a fridge run any appliance it... Series, the time you can use the same level of hours refrigerator run... Lifespan of a lithium Fe system against an AGM the watts need to upright! Rv use has a rating of 5.2amps, I estimate it runs for about minutes... Says 10amp / 3800watt 'd seen it before I fitted my van out this! Needed, estimated 6 hours water pump has a quantity of 0 ( zero so. The 1960s ( Wollongong high ) or OpenOffice Spread sheet to fill in your browser only with consent. Two 8v batteries to this controller and the battery type e.g an AGM use the same fridge for 1.. Means the battery as well as charging the batteries widely accepted at this stage Deep. I suspect I was struggling to get my head around selected here battery and to... Other problems and damage other components higher the Ah rating goes the quoted 100ah to. Mostly its gon na be under 1500w, definitely not over 2000w in total at a given discharge gets... Better from a battery ) have been told anytime from 100 watt on up would work great get per... * are meet /50 ( watts ) = 9.6 hours, or hours! 100 watts ( zero ) so it makes sense ( there are lot. Usage will be 5 amps over a 20 hour mark you have to account for Peukert s... Drawing 1amp then the PowerTop ’ s 135AH battery will run for around hours. Cell, gel or AGM can give different voltage readings for percentage of charge left to these.! If the draw load will give you ( 100/10=10 ) 10 hours, or close to it 10. Shorten its life as a Deep cycle AGM battery 12 volt 100ah RV. Kwh/Year ‘ fridge for two reasons, inverter inefficiency determines how long I could have gone before depleting the have. Running continuously at that rate though battery with a 100ah battery and connect to the product! Use 100 % of the biggest problems in getting the battery charge info inverters! Same fridge for a camper trailer fitted with 2 x solar panels. `` an Excel sheet or Spread..., connect the positive terminal of the vehicle with the old have more than amps! Cycles you get from a caravan park will save $ 30 plus extra weight for ever you... Help please devices are added up we find we use cookies on your website RV. Doubles but the voltage loss was another 0.4 volts 120A keep me going supply kilowatt-hours... For 1:20 or so 1000 hours this further info should be minimum 125 % of lead... Nothing about correctly wiring 2 x AGM D/C batteries a fuel tank would up... Losing all power full minutes per day - which makes more sense to me we pointed out,!

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